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How To Easily Style Curly Hair

Can you tame this mane??

I was looking after one of my favourite clients hair the other day who is blessed with the most incredibly beautiful natural head of curls (not too dissimilar to the photo attached) when she let me in on a little secret. And I can probably put money on it that you've never heard of it. It's called 'Plopping your Curls'. No I'm not making this up, This is one of those ingenious ideas that some very clever creative person has figured out. It involves applying lots of your favourite moisturising product for your curls to freshly shampooed hair, laying a t-shirt on a flat surface, then leaning forward tying your hair up in the t-shirt. If you click on the link it will show you the proper demonstration. The idea of wrapping your hair up with a t-shirt instead of a towel is because a towel would just absorb the moisturiser, whereas the t-shirt leaves it in your hair.

Anyways click on the link below to see the demonstration and step by step guide on how to finally tame those curls of yours to get the frizz-free, beautifully defined curls you've always wanted!

Thanks to the folks at for the great article!

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