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How To Get The Look You're After

Some helpful tips on achieveing the look you are after from your hairdresser. Knowing the 'lingo' or 'termanology' used by hairdressers seems to leave some people perplexed. But I'm here to guide how to get past that concern and go straight to simple communcation. Your hairdresser has most likely been trained and advised by many different hairdressers throughout their training. Just like they were trained by different hairdressers in the past etc. New looks come and go, some are refreshed or re-hashed, and with so many changes and so many concepts there is not one training model that all hairdressers refer to. Hence why: layers, graduation, transcending colour, shaping, thinning, texturising etc can mean one thing to one and something completly different to another. So here is how to break down any barriers when communicating with your hairdresser, a universal language let's say: 1. First and foremost, organise a consultation before you are booked in if you are either new to the salon or wanting to go for something quite different. If you're unsure of the precise way to describe what you would like, get some photos. I find the best way is to sit with a client on the computer, type into google what colour or style they are describing, and search through countless examples on google images. This rules out a lot of second guessing for what you are looking for. 2. It is a lot easier to find a choice of colour using an image than it is by using the old fashioned method of a hair swatch. Just be aware that the photo may have had either a particular lighting, a flash go off, direct sunlight etc so the photo is agreat guideline, not an exact replica of how your end result in colour should be. 3. If you are looking at a style in the images, just remember that the hair has been sytled by a hairdresser for the photo and does not give a true representation of what your hair will look like when you get out of the shower. Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence do not look like that by letting their hair dry naturally! 4. Be realistic with whom is wearing the hairstyle. Do you have the same contours in your cheekbones or similar neck and shoulders as the person wearing the hairstyle? I'm not saying we have to drab it down as we age, but we do want to wear something that is not just flattering but also that complements us, our individual style, lifestyle etc. Styles can be adapted to suit an individuals look. 5. Most important. If you don't feel that there is an understanding between you both feel free to call it quits before you go any further. There is no point being complacent and leaving it all up to the stylist and then complaining after it's done,

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