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Hair Thinning Facts and How To Deal With It

Thinning Hair

It seems that thinning hair is not only a fear for men. Our research has found that 7 out of 10 women want thicker and more volumised hair. The good news is that we now have more understanding of what causes hair to thin, and now there are effective products as well as practical ways that we can help ourselves get our desired hair. L’Oréal Professionnel have introduced their new range Serioxyl to help with thinning and to create beautiful, thicker looking hair.

The Differences

So what is the difference between thinning hair and hair loss?.

Hair thinning is generally where the diameter of each strand of hair reduces and each strand becomes weaker over a certain period of time.

Hair loss however is where you experience excessive hair fall beyond the normal amount that you would normally shed daily. For both though the overall feeling is that we feel we’re losing volume.If you are concerned that you are shedding a considerable amount it is important to seek expert help, speak to your GP so they can recommend the best way to deal with it.

For those of us with thin hair, there are some simple and effective steps we can do to help our hair look and feel thicker. When using the correct products, washing your hair can actually help your hair feel thicker, with more shine and easy to style. It is imperative for thinning hair to maintain a healthy scalp, and keep in mind that a specialised conditioner that is lighter than normal conditioners will add shine without your hair feeling weighed down.

Introducing Serioxyl

L’Oréal Professionnel is proud to announce their brand new product range that creates beautiful thicker looking hair: Serioxyl, exclusive to salons. Serioxyl Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses and conditions your hair, whilst also leaving your hair looking thicker and fuller.The Serioxyl densifying haircare programme is a tailored programme that can help you achieve thicker and denser looking hair. Begining in-salon with a consultation with your hairdresser, followed by the opportunity to experience our Scalp Cleansing Solution which cleanses and refreshes your scalp.Known as the 3 step Fuller Hair programme, we use a Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Aqua Mousse for assisted volume. To finish, your hairdresser will apply the Thicker Hair and Denser Hair serums which transform your hair’s appearance, helping you achieve the look that you have always dreamed of.

Home Use: For continued fuller and thicker feeling hair we recommend you take home the Fuller Hair follow-up kits as part of your daily routine. Using these along with one or both of the Thicker Hair or Denser Hair Serums will assist in you achieving enhanced results.

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