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Good Summer Hair Habits

Now that summer is upon us and a lot more time is being spent outdoors, our hair tends to suffer. From humidity to the sun, our poor hair gets the brunt of it, so this month we're going to give some simple yet practical advice on how to beat the harshness that summer can bring to your locks.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Ideally the best way to avoid suffering sun damage to your hair is to have it covered. But for those not wanting to wear hats all day, prepare your hair in advance. If your hair is strong and healthy it has a better chance of surviving the brutality of the sun. The best way to prepare your hair is to use a nourishing weekly hair masque and a daily serum. This will keep your hair strong and less vulnerable to the strength of the sun.

During The Day.

If you're having a day lounging by the pool or down at the beach, you can use a protecting cream to help against the effects of the sun.We recommend either the PRO-KERATIN REFILL Blow-Drying Cream or the ABSOLUT REPAIR LIPIDIUM Reconstructing & Protecting Blow-Drying Cream.Although we use them when blowdrying hair that needs repair, they are heat-activated so will help to repair hair with the heat of the sun.

After Sun Hair Care.

If your hair has suffered badly from the heat and sunshine, we suggest an intensive hair repair treatment. Depending on your hair type and the condition your hair is in, we would suggest either a PRO-KERATIN Refill Treatment or the ABSOLUT REPAIR Lipidium Primer.The PRO-KERATIN Refill Treatment restores the strength of the hair and restructures the hair fiber, allowing softness, suppleness and shine. The ABSOLUT REPAIR Lipidium Primer gives an instant and long lasting reconstruction that fills the deepest cracks and unifies the hair surface. Like a make-up primer, it prepares the hair perfectly for a conditioner or masque application.Your final result: The hair fibre is unified and perfectly treated for an ultimate reconstruction result.

Please feel free to call us for your personalised hair consultation to assess how we can get the best hair you've ever had.

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