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Random Hair Facts!

This month we've taken a different route on our FAQ's with a funny yet informative blog, sure to come in handy with any trivia night!

Each strand of hair can contain up to 14 different elements including traces of gold.

Human hair can be used to make an additive that is found in foods such as the dough for pizza crusts and dough.

Healthy hair when wet, can stretch up to 30% it’s original length.

Hair absorbs oil from the water, working as a natural sponge.

A whole head of hair could support the weight of 2 elephants or 12 tonnes.

The anticipation of sex makes hair grow faster.

The average number of strands of hair we shed each day is anywhere between 40 – 300.

The only part of your hair that is not dead is the hair that is still inside the scalp.


Black hair is the most common hair colour.

2% of people have naturally blond hair.

The rarest hair colour is red and is found only in 1% of the worlds population.

13% of the Scottish population has red hair, the highest proportion of redheads in the world.

In 1950, 7% of American women coloured their hair. Today 75% of American women colour their hair.

Blonde hair can fetch up to 3 times the prices as darker hair.

In a survey by a hair colour company, they found that perceptions of people differed based on their hair colour: Blondes- fun and flirty. Brunettes- Smart and serious. Redheads- Strong

HAIR BIOLOGY (interesting, not yawny)

The average head of hair has 100,000 hairs.

Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body, only bone marrow is quicker.

Average hair strands by colour. Blonds- 146,000 Dark Hair- 110, 000 Brown Hair- 100,000 Redheads- 86,000

Cross-sections of hair can be used to tell what race or ethnic origin you are. Asian descent have very round shaped hair. African descent have a very flat shaped hair. European descent have more oval shaped hair.

Hair contains information on what has been in your blood stream including minerals and drugs.

Hair is one of the most common types of forensic evidence.

Gender is one thing that cannot be identified by a hair strand.

All the hair follicles in humans are formed when a foetus is 5 months old.

The average human body has 5 million hair follicles.

We get goose bumps when it’s cold because our hair follicles contract, causing our skin to bunch up and the hairs to stand on end.


The average weekly time a woman spends washing, drying and styling their hair is 1hour 53minutes. By the age of 65 they will have spent more than 7 months of their lives on their hair.

In the UK, women spend $500 pounds on average on styling products.

It takes 13 days for any white /grey hairs to show from stress or shock.


Longest Hair on a woman was measured at 18 feet 5 inches, she had been growing it for 30 years.

However the longest hair was measured at 22 feet 3 inches on a bloke!

The ancient Egyptians were the first to remove unwanted body hair.

In ancient Greece, blond hair was associated with prostitution.

In ancient Rome women coloured their blond with pigeon dung.

In Renaissance Venice, women coloured their hair blond using horse urine.

During the Renaissance it was fashionable for women to pluck their hairline to give them a higher forehead.

In ancient Greece they believed that redheads would turn into vampires after they died.

During the Victorian era, jewellery and lockets were made from the hair of deceased loved ones.

In 1705, Peter the Great of Russia instituted a beard tax to westernise Russian society.

Beard tokens were inscribed with : ‘the beard tax has been taken’ and ‘the beard tax is a superfluous burden’.


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