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What Changes To Expect When Pregnant

So What’s Happening To My Hair?

In one of my earlier blogs – ‘Why Does My Hair Shed Sometimes More Than Normal?’, I explained the 3 stages of a hairs life cycle. During pregnancy, the same stages occur however the duration of these stages changes. A quick recap- every human hair has a life cycle – it grows, then rests, then gets pushed out by the new hair growing in the follicle, causing it to fall out. However when you’re pregnant, oestrogen not only extends the growth cycle, but also hair stays in the resting phase for longer. This is why by the later stages of pregnancy, women quite often feel their hair is thicker than normal.

Will My Hair Stay This Way?

Alas these luscious thick locks aren’t always here to stay. Around three months after your baby is born the level of oestrogen gradually comes back to normal. Anytime from now the extra hair that had remained during your pregnancy starts to shed. The loss of this extra hair usually varies from one woman to another but generally it comes back to the way it was pre-pregnancy.

I’m Losing Lots Of Hair, Help!

Just bear in mind that throughout your pregnancy you were losing hair at a much slower rate than you normally would, so now that your oestrogen levels have dropped back to a normal rate, you are not only shedding the normal amount but also the extra amount that you had gained. So it may seem like you may have none left soon but remember, it all comes back to normal once it sheds the excess amount. Some changes that don’t always change back are when the hair changes from straight to wavy/wavy to curly/curly to straight etc. We still don’t know the exact reason for this, but that’s when we are here to help you regain the look you once had.

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