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Time and Communication are the key!

Whenever a client, whether new or existing is wanting a new look, the first thing we do is book out some time for a consultation. This is usually a 15 minute timeslot that allows the client to communicate what they are requestingand for the hairdresser to listen and advise accordingly.


Photos are a great idea to give a suggestion for the colour you desire, ideally if you can have a few photos of the colour you require it makes it even easier to help you achieve your request. What is equally important is to findphotos of what you Don’t want. We use to have books on hair colour to give people ideas but now we find it far easier by using google images instead. Whether it’s a style or specific length, a type of colour or even a celebrity, it’s now so much easier to pull up a photo on a screen, even zoom in if need be to find the exact shade required.

But again, even with this technology, the key factor comes down to the communication between the client and hairdresser and having the time to sit and discuss in detail.The clearer you both are, the more confident you both can be on achieving your dream hair.

Maintenance of your new hair

So you’ve decided on a colour and a cut to suit you. Now the equally important part. Can you re-create it at home yourself; how often will you have to get your roots touched up; how much will today’s visit cost and how much will each time after that cost?

You’ve got to be realistic when it comes to maintaining your new hair at home. Do you have the time to spend blowdrying or straightening your hair? Some people do, but if you don’t, what is your next option in making it still look good?

It is really important to have a clear idea how much it will cost before your colourist mixes up the colour so if they haven’t already discussed this with you make sure to ask so you don’t get a shock at the very end. Bearing in mind the first application might be a lot of work for the hairdresser it’s great to get an idea of how much your follow-on appointments might cost.

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