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What’s Hot This Winter?

Or you can keep it blond baby!

Well thanks to the L’Oréal Professionnel artistic team, they have made my decision a lot easier for choosing what’s hot this season! They have been working closely with Kirsten Dunst (who looks smoking hot in these shoots!) to get two very different yet equally amazing ideas for your hair. So without further adieu, let’s see what’s keeping us hot while the temperature around us drops..

Deepening Your Colour For Winter.

In reference to the cover photo: At this time of year a lot of people prefer to tone down or darken their hair. Whether it’s adding some lowlights or altogether going for that big change, winter has the influence of toning down. To stop people feeling too drab when toning down their colour we usually suggest keeping some warm tones in there, be it a subtle chestnut or some more bolder reds. As you can see from the photos we really have gone bold with the all over sultry red on Miss Dunst. L’Oréal Professionnel’s INOA introduces a new range of captivating intense reds with fade resistance, colour radiance and sublime shine. Red colours are usually the quickest to fade but with this new technology the shine and gloss of the colour is spellbounding! Check out the vid below

But I Like My Blond Hair!?!

Not everyone wants to tone their hair at this time of the year which is why we’ve kept the photo above of Kirsten still rockin’ those beach waves. Just because it’s gotton colder doesn’t automatically mean having to tone the colour as dramatically as suggested earlier. A simple effect for those who love their blond locks is to welcome the cold by adding ash tones to their blond. This will gently tone the hair giving a subtle yet striking look and feel, without having to change their entire look.

For a more personalised colour idea for your hair this winter please call me in the salon where I can sit with you and discuss your options. This is done in a 15 minute complimentary consultation, bookings in advance are highly recommended.

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