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How To Deal With A Cowlick

I knew that's how they happened!

So how many of you have battled with a stubborn cowlick? You want your parting or your fringe to sit a certain way, but it won’t. No matter how much you try (in vain), that stubborn bit at the front is preventing you from getting that look you’ve been working on. So what to do??

Although you cannot change how your hair grows out from the root, you can manipulate how the hair bends into shape for you. Some cowlicks can be eventually tamed, by pulling your hair in the direction you want it to go, generally by blow drying it with a small round brush.

The Trick To Taming It

You will notice that the cowlick separates your hair. If you work with the way it lies naturally, your hair should sit pretty flat for you. If you bring your hair against how it separates naturally you will not only get resistance from your hair but it also gives root lift. This can work in your favor if you normally struggle with body. By pushing your hair the opposite way from how it wants to lie you automatically get root lift.So if you find your fringe just won’t sit right have a look at your natural parting. It may be easier to change how you wear it or try some new blow drying techniques.If you are struggling with controlling a cowlick why not call us and book in for a quick consultation where we can guide you on how to tame it!

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