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To Fringe Or Not To Fringe?….

That is the question!

Now that summer is officially over and the humidity is starting to ease, it means we can wear our hair down again. No longer does it have to be kept up high in a ponytail to let air get to your neck, and you can start to wear it down around your face again without the fear of hair constantly sticking to your makeup. So as we are getting braver with letting our hair down again, do we go one step further and get a fringe??!!

So how do you know if you will suit a fringe?

Should you get a full fringe, blunt or choppy?

Maybe to the side or perhaps a long fringe?

Well here are some helpful tips to help you decide..

So How Do I Decide?

Face-shape obviously has a huge part to play in deciding whether to get a fringe or not, but equally important is your natural parting. If you have too strong a cowlick, a full or short fringe is probably out of the question. Depending on how strong the cowlick you may decide to get a heavier, longer fringe so it may stay in place.

If your parting is fairly relaxed and without a cowlick, this gives you more options.

When trying to decide what fringe will suit you best, ask your hairdresser to cut it overly long first so you can see which way it will sit and how much of a jump there might be at the roots. From there you can gradually cut it shorter to allow it to sit where you want it.

The key is not to be rushed when making the decision. Once it’s cut too short there is very little you can do to fix it. As with the photo of the gorgeous Rachel McAdams above, the side fringe is soft on her features, whereas the full fringe elongates her face.

If you would like any more advice or suggestions on fringes please call us in the salon on 02 9389950502 93899505 to come in for a complimentary consultation or mail us at the salon address

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