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How Many Hair Products Do I Really Need?

And how much do I invest in them?

We’ve all been ‘sold’ to, when you know someone is trying their best to get you to purchase something that you’re really not sure if you need. Whether it’s hair products, parts for the car repair, extra contents insurance etc and we don’t like it. So when I ask new clients what are the pet peeves they have re: previous hairdressers, the two most common answers are (1) Being left waiting with no idea how much longer the hairdresser’s going to be and (2) The ‘up-sell’! So I’ve got a very simple breakdown of it for you. Generally speaking I recommend 4 products are all most people require. There are additions which I will explain also but let’s start with the essentials.

(1) A shampoo for your hair type ie Coloured hair, Damaged hair, Brittle hair, Greasy Hair or Dry Hair. (2) A conditioner to match the above hair types. (3) A deep conditioning masque to nourish your hair. (All this is explained in my previous blog *) (4) An everyday serum to protect your hair from the elements and blowdrying. There are many types of serums and your hairdresser will help you find one specific for your hair. That’s it, they are the basics to help you get the most out of your hair. Combine this with your regular 6 weekly trim and you are doing everything to take care of your hair AND have healthy, glossy air.

The additional products you may choose are: A Heat Protector for when you use straightening irons/curling tongs. Hairspray for additional hold. Volumising Spray for extra rootlift.

So how much do you invest in all of this? Our shampoos and conditioners are $26 each Our standard 250ml serums are $27 Our Deep Conditioning Masques are $34 Heat Protectors, Hairsprays and Volumising Sprays are $28

Consider that your Serum and Deep Conditioning Masques will last you up to and beyond 6 months Heat Protectors, Hairsprays and Volumising Sprays will last you beyond 6 months

Per Annum your investments for an average amount of products should be $217 – $278 Now compare that to how much you spend on beauty products per annum..

AS always for any more info please contact me in the salon phone or mail me @

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