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Hair Colour Myths And Questions

This month we’ve received a lot of questions about hair colour, so many in fact it was an easy desicion to make it this months blog.

So here are a few of the most common question we have been asked, if you have any others please mail us at the link below.

Q: Once I start colouring my hair will I always have to colour it? A: No. A common myth to hair colouring. It is possible should you wish to go back to your natural colour. If you’ve been getting highlights, a semi permanent colour to match your natural may be applied a couple of times to bring you back to your original shade. If you’ve been getting a darker colour than your original there are cleansing shampoos you can use to help it fade out, or we can do a deep cleansing in-salon to remove the really dark bits. Q: Does Colouring My Hair Weaken It? A: When applied professionally, your hair will not weaken directly from a colouring process. The products that are in our colour are the lowest in ammonia since hair colouring began. Of course it is also up to the individual to use the correct colour-protect shampoo and conditioner at home, not over-indulging with the straightening irons etc. Q: How often do I need to colour my hair? A: The short answer is most of our clients request a top-up of colour every 6-12 weeks. However it depends on your choice of colour, amount of grey hair etc. For example, the bigger the contrast between your natural colour and the colour you have requested, the more obvious your re-growth will be. If there is minimal grey or if the colour we apply is not too far from your natural well then you will have to colour less often. Q: I like my own hair colour but want to add something to it A: For this request we have two options. (1) The sun-kissed look. This means scattering some low-lights and highlights around the parting of your hair to give it a softer, lighter feel, without looking like you’ve had lots of highlights, but giving it a lift. (2) Adding a Gloss colour. Essentially this is a conditioning semi-permanent toner that will enhance your natural colour but won’t lighten it. Both options allow that if you decide not to do it again you will never have a re-growth, it simply fades away over time. Q: What if I don’t like the colour? A: Here in our hair salon we will always spend plenty of time with you helping you to choose a colour that works with your complextion, hair colour, lifestyle etc before application. We will also discuss with you the options for change should you not be comfortable with the end result. If you are ever unhappy with the colour we will change it to a more desireable colour at no extra cost to you.

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