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How Do I Stop My Color Fading?

With Summer on it’s way and a strong Australian sun about to beat down on us, our hair color in prone to fading.

Although the sun has a tendency to bleach out both natural and tinted colors, there are a few things you can do to prevent this. The obvious answer to blocking the sun from bleaching your hair is to wear something to cover it, be it a hat, a scarf, anything really that will cover your hair. As you may be getting in and out of a pool or the ocean, having your hair constantly covered may not always be practical. So, as mentioned before in previous blogs, with all things hair, preparation is the key! So here are a few simple steps:

(1) If your hair is already weakened from coloring, give it an instant boost with L’Oreal Professional Pro-Keratin Refill Treatment. It restores the strength of the hair by restructuring the hair fiber.

(2) If your hair is in reasonably good condition, using L’Oreal Professional Vitamino Color Shampoo is perfect for ongoing protection of colored hair. It maintains the gloss and shine that you leave the salon with.

(3) Just as sunscreen is vital for your skin, before going into the sun spray on L’Oreal Professional Solar Sublime Sun Set Spray for protection, softness and shine.Be aware that hair that is heavily highlighted, over-processed, or just in bad condition will fade more than healthy hair. The weaker hair is and the more nutrients (protein, keratin) your hair is lacking in, the harder it is for your hair to hold onto color. This is why we put such emphasis on having your hair trimmed every 6 weeks, using the right products for your hair type, and alternating between the various treatments available for you at your hair salon. Avoid prolonged use of straightening irons or curling wands as they can reduce the strength and quality of your hair. Simple steps to hair happiness!

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