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The Difference Between Salon And Supermarket Brand Shampoos

This month we answer yet another question we get asked a lot in the salon, ‘Why should I use salon shampoos instead of supermarket shampoos?’

The key differences between salon (professional) and supermarket (non-professional) products comes down to a couple of factors – the amount of quality ingredients, the concentration levels of these ingredients and the amount of time and money spent on their research.Professional products are generally more concentrated and their ingredients more refined, not watered down. This means you use far less of the product when cleansing your hair.Supermarket shampoos and conditioners tend to have a high detergent base, so they overcompensate for this by ramping up the conditioning agents to provide a softening effect for the hair. More often the hair ends up with a synthetic build-up or residue.The cleaning agent in salon professional products, also known as the surfactant, is gentler than the supermarket/non-professional products. Often times, supermarket products can leave your hair feeling dry, or with product build up in your hair. The main complaint I see from use of the non-professional products is oily hair and clients having to wash their hair more often than they should to remove the build-up.

So how do you know which one to use?

The reason we have a wide range of products in our hairdressing salon is because we tailor the products for each client. Your hairdresser can help you choose the products that are correctly formulated for your hair type and which ones will help you accomplish your desired look. We make our decision based on your hair and scalp type, condition, density and what you are wanting to achieve. The products our hairdressers in bondi junction use and recommend are L’Oreal Professionnel. Every year, L’Oreal Professionnel spend millons of dollars on research and development of salon products. Their products feature innovative molecular precision technology which quite simply nurture hair back to health.As hairdressers we use products that we believe in and contain the latest in research and development needed to deliver the very highest quality ingredients that deliver genuine results. If you don’t like the feeling in your hair from any of our products we will exchange for a different one until we find exactly what works for you. Just remember that what you use for smoothing will not help you achieve volume, and what you use for volume will not deliver soft, supple and silky smooth hair. Specific products deliver specific results and only your hairdresser can recommend what is best for your hair type and condition.

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