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Perfect wedding hair

Not only is spring in the air,

but it seems love is also with many proposals at this time of year. According to the hairdressers in our bondi junction salon this very much seems to be the case. With so many plans and arrangements in place sometimes hair gets left until last, so here are some helpful tips to achieve your perfect wedding hair.

Step 1.

Preparation: generally speaking most brides want to have long hair in time for the big day. If this is the case for you then you need to have the best hairdresser who can get you the result you are after. Firstly, make sure to see your stylist every 6 weeks for a trim. (you can read more in detail about this in my previous blog on how to grow your hair* )There are 4 products essential to getting you on the right track. These are: a salon quality shampoo, conditioner, serum and a masque. The simplicity of using these four and getting your 6 weekly trim are imperative in getting your hair healthy and long. The benefits of these products for your hair can be found here*.If you are a fan of straightening irons or curling wands I would stop or at the very least ease of these until after your big day. If you insist on using the irons use a thermal heat activated protection spray every time. If you have highlighted hair be aware that the colours necessary to get your hair that colour can sometimes weaken the hair. Throw in a straightening irons or curling wand and it can leave your hair feeling brittle. You have been warned!!

Step 2.

On every visit to the hair salon ask your hairdresser about the condition and overall health of your hair. Part of the reason in getting your 6 weekly trim is to trim off any split ends, the other is for us to monitor the progress of your hair and ensure that the products you have invested in are benefiting your hair also.

Step 3.

Hair up or down!? You want your photos to look like you, not like the hair in a bridal expo photo, so don’t worry about how high your hair should be. Trials are not to be underestimated. Book in with the expert in the hair salon who specialises in bridal hair for a couple of trials well before the big day so that you are comfortable with your look, also it’s one less thing to be stressed about on your big day.

Step 4

.Go back to basics. I mentioned briefly in Step 1 about the 4 essential items needed for home haircare: A salon quality shampoo, conditioner, serum and a masque.Use your shampoo as directed by your hairdresser.After shampooing, towel-dry your hair before applying the conditioner. This allows the conditioner to be absorbed into the cuticle far easier than if it is soaking wet.Use your serum daily throughout the ends of your hair only. This gives your hair an extra protective coating from the daily elements, and also when blowdrying reduces the amount of static and damage from heat.And lastly, once a week apply a generous amount of the masque recommended by your stylist to well towel dried hair. Leave in for anything from 5 minutes up to hours on end, just making sure it gets rinsed out later.For any other hints please call any of our helpful hairdressers in the bondi junction salon on 9 389 9505 who will happily assist you with any queries.

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