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How do I get my hair longer?

How do I get my hair longer? What is the best way to get it to grow? How will it grow if you keep cutting it? etc

This month we deal with probably the most commonly asked question/s that not only our hairdressers in bondi junction but hair salons around the globe get asked: How to achieve long hair.

Its this easy:

Book in to see your hairdresser every 6 weeks to TRIM the ends. After approximately six weeks most peoples hair will have grown one centimetre. Of that one centimetre it’s only the last few millimetres that are starting to split. Those millimetres are all that need to be trimmed, which allows the remaining healthy hair to grow. It is that simple.

Here in our hair salon we not only make a promise to help you get your luscious locks longer, but if you follow all the advice our stylists have personalised for you over a twelve month period and your hair is either (a) not any longer or (b) not any healthier than when you first came to see us, we will refund every dollar you have invested here and continue taking care of your hair complimentary until we have achieved what we have promised you.


Achieving your overall desired look takes personalised and specified attention from your trained stylist. The reason we have so many shampoos, conditioners, treatments, serums etc to choose from is because most people require a tailored program for their hair, just like when seeing a beautician they won’t just pick ‘What’s New’ since you were here last to help you achieve your desired results. Next month we will go through why the right products which are important not only for the health, quality and shine from your hair but also how the correct products specifically tailored for your hair-type will allow you to achieve all you’ve wanted from your hairstyle.

As I have mentioned in the previous blogs, if you would like any advice or have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our hair salon in bondi junction and ask for a complimentary consultation on (02) 9389 9505. Our consultations usually take approximately 15 minutes, we offer a personalised and tailored guide for your haircare, are complimentary and with no obligation to book afterwards.

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