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Can I Colour My Hair When Pregnant?

Is it dangerous for my baby?

There must be something in the water as a lot of our clients in the last few weeks have let us know that they are pregnant. Which has presented us with the same question over and over:

Can I Colour My Hair When Pregnant?

The short answer is Yes. In a recent pregnancy magazine* Dr Ginni Mansberg explains, “It’s true that some chemicals used in hair dyes can be toxic, so I wouldn’t be keen on you drinking the stuff, but it turns out that only a miniscule amount of dye goes onto the scalp and gets absorbed into the blood stream when it’s simply applied to your hair during a colour. In these tiny amounts, we’re confident that no harm will come to you or your baby.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that as your body is going through changes, so too can your hair and scalp. Some will experience scalp being dry and flaky, while some my find an oily build-up. This is nothing to be concerned about as these things usually rectify themselves once your baby arrives. In the meantime however we have shampoos** that can help with dealing with the changes.

But what about my hair falling out?

Lastly, within the first 3-9 months after your baby is born, you may shed lots and lots of hair. This is completely normal, as a lot of women during pregnancy find the scalp chooses not to shed the average 150-300 hairs per day that it normally would. So when baby arrives it goes into overdrive. This is perfectly normal and unless you notice a balding spot (which is rare) your hair is doing what it’s supposed to do. You may develop lots of new growth around the hairline which unfortuatly there is no set rule on. Sometimes it grows longer, sometimes it stays the same for a long time.

The best tip we’ve received from new mothers is to keep your hair tied or clipped back when breast-feeding as babies love to grab your locks and have ninja strength grips that will pull tightly on the unsuspecting mother’s hair!

* Practical Parenting (Pacific Magazines) March 2013 issue Ask Our Expert page 33** Instant Clear Shampoo with Zinc and Piritone which help to alleviate the itchiness and cleanse and nourish the scalp.Volume Expand Shampoo helps to eliminate oil build up yet allowing a proper cleanse of the roots.

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