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Colour Protect Haircare Range

A high precision range of hair care products for different types of coloured hair. Your hairdresser will tell you that the most beautiful colour needs to be maintained and protected. Products from the Série Expert Color range ensure soft, light and ultra shiny hair with beautiful longer-lasting colour intensity.


Vitamino Color Protect Shampoo

Advanced colour protection, long-lasting radiance.Vitamino Color Protect Conditioner:A light cream that detangles without weighing the hair down. Residue isgently eliminated. Hair is left soft and shiny.


Vitamino Color Protect Masque

A rich cream for intense nourishment and longer-lasting, shiny colour. A light treatment masque for deep nourishment. Hair is left easy to detangle and shiny in just one minute.


Vitamino Color Protect Shampoo

Advanced colour protection, long-lasting radiance.


Vitamino Color Protect Conditioner

A light cream that detangles without weighing the hair down. Residue isgently eliminated. Hair is left soft and shiny.


Delicate Color Shampoo

With an extremely mild sulfate free base: colour fading is reduced. Even the most delicate colours and reflects remain vibrant and intense for a longer period of time. Delicate Color features unprecedented laboratory technology: The extremely mild cleansing base limits the penetration of water in the hair fibre, which is at the origin of colour fading. This is the first time that the Série Expert range features a sulfate free technology. Hair is gently cleansed and protected with delicate colours remaining vibrant and intense for longer.

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New Improved Absolut Repair Haircare Range

The newly improved Absolut Repair Lipidium range revolutionises hair care by repairing the hair fibres. It does this with it’s restorative active ingredients and targets areas lacking in lipids in heavy concentrations. There are eight products designed to repair the hair fibres with no weighing down of the roots, still allowing for softness and flexability through the layers from roots to ends.


Introducing Lipidium

Our hair is composed of layers, and these layers function to provide protection that is durable. These layers are made up of lipids, and through normal wear and tear we can suffer a reduction of these lipids, allowing our hair to dry and become vunerable to the elements. What Lipidium does for your hair is to target the individual strands that are lacking in lipids, reinforce the fibre of the cuticle, and protects the hair from further damage. For more information please visit the Loreal Professional website here.


Absolute Repair Leave-in-Conditioner with Lipidium technology

Intensely nourishes and repairs sensitised area’s of the hair. Shine perfecting agents smooth and envelope the entirety of the hair fibre. Repairs and reinforces the internal hair structure. Strengthens and protects.


Absolute Repair Conditioner

Leaves the hair strong and deeply nourished. Smoothes the hair scales with a natural feel.


Absolute Repair Thermo Repair

The fibre is deeply repaired, even after 5 shampoos. Immediate treatment results. Hair is perfectly smooth, fluid, easy to style.leaves the hair strong and deeply nourished. Smoothes the hair scales with a natural feel.


Absolute Repair Masque

Leaves the hair strong and deeply nourished. Smoothes the hair scales with a natural feel.

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Volume Expand Haircare Range

Recommended to bring body and fullness to the hair without weighing it down, for optimal, long-lasting volume. The Volume Expand range from Serie Expert is a unique haircare regime that utilises advanced Mineral technology to consolidate structure, add support and expand the volume of fine, delicate hair. The hair does not fall or flatten, and can be restyled easily.


Volume Expand Shampoo

The rich cream formula ensures optimal body and fullness without weighingthe hair down.


Volume Expand Conditioner

Nourishes hair without weighing it down. For healthier hair and optimalvolume.


Volume Expand Masque

Adds substance to hair with immediate results: hair has body and is nourishedwithout being weighed down.


Volume Expand Spray

Gives fine hair body and fullness for lasting hold and volume.

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Scalp Detox and Control Haircare Range

A range of rebalancing products designed to de-stress, soothe and moisturise scalp prone sensitivities and irritations including oily scalps and other scalp problems. This range enables you to maintain beautiful hair while
rebalancing and soothing the scalp for a pure and healthy finish.


Sensi Balance Dermo-Protector Soothing Shampoo

Faced with harsh external conditions and pollution, the scalp can develop signs of discomfort - it seems “stressed”, with tightness, itching and dryness. The consequences are visible redness and inflammations on the scalp which become dry and can develop flaking. The SORBITWIN patented technology offering a dual benefit - soothing and protection and thanks to a complex of sorbitol derivative, a moisturising ingredient and vitamin PP.


Instant Clear Anti-dandruff Shampoo with A-Piritone

Instantly eliminates dandruff and leaves hair feeling light, soft and shiny. The A-piritone exclusive new patented technology made up of two active ingredients offers long-lasting elimination of dandruff, educes irritation and rebalances the scalp.

Power Clear High-Performance Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Faced with harsh external conditions and pollution, the scalp can develop signs of discomfort. It appears ‘stressed’ and can feel tight, dry and itchy. The result is often a red, inflamed scalp which becomes dry and flaky. Targets the most persistent dandruff and reduces itching from the 1st application. Prevents recurrence of dandruff for up to four weeks*. Leaves hair soft and shiny. *clinical test carried out after 4 weeks of use.

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Shine Curl Haircare Range

The Shine Curl range deeply nourishes the hair fibre. The hair is detangled, soft and shiny with light, defined curls.


Shine Curl Shampoo

Cleanses, nourishes, detangles and defines. Curls are left feeling light, bouncy, cleansed and soft.


Shine Curl Conditioner

Nourishes the hair fibre to soften, detangle and control natural curls and professionally curled hair. Curls are soft, shiny, defined and feel light and bouncy.


Shine Curl Masque

Provides curl definition, supports the curls and adds body. Grape seed extract promotes softness and nutrition. Curls are left supple and defined with brilliant shine.

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Force Vector Haircare Range

Force Vector Shampoo

A reinforcing anti-breakage shampoo enriched with advanced Glycocell technology to deliver consolidating Incell and Royal Jelly extract where it’sneeded most.


Force VectorConditioner

Fragile, brittle and breaking hair is left reinforced and fortified: nourished, smooth and glowing with strength.


Force Vector Masque

A reinforcing anti-breakage masque with a rich creamy texture to treat and fortify fragile, brittle breaking hair. Enriched with Glycocell technology,damaged hair is transformed – soft, shiny and renewed with strength.


Force Vector Reinforcing Treatment

A thermo-active anti-breakage treatment for fragile, brittle hair. For use prior to heat styling to prevent further damage, this silky smooth cream fortifies the hair deep down leaving it supple, fluid and reinforced. Use while blow drying or with heated styling tools.

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Liss Ultime Haircare Range

Liss Ultime is a hair care family that moisturises and smoothes frizzy, uncontrollable hair. The Liss Ultime range gives control thanks to a complete regime which leaves hair supple and shiny.


Liss Ultime Shampoo and Conditioner

Smoothes and relaxes the hair fibre, controls frizz and provides nutrition to unmanageable and rebellious hair.


Liss Ultime Leave In Conditioner

Provides care and discipline and protects the fibre from humidity with double action. Inside: Incell nourishes and coats the fibre. Outside: the auto-reticular polymer coats the fibre in a lasting anti-humidity shield.


Liss Ultime Conditioning Masque

Nourishes, smoothes and protects the fibre against humidity thanks to double action. Inside: Incell nourishes and coats the fibre. Outside: the auto-reticular polymer coats the fibre in a lasting anti-humidity shield.

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Fix Max Home Styling Range

Versatile cuts and styles to adapt around your moods. A shot of hairspray, a dollop of gel or a drop of serum to give your cut the angel look or the demon attire… The choice is yours!


With the education from our team, the range and the best professionaltechniques, you can recreate at home the styles of this collection stepby step. With smooth molding, intense glossing and frozen effects, you toocan become a styling pro!


Tec Ni Art Fix Max: Sculpting gel with extra strong hold

Air Fix: Extra Strong fixing spray

Fix Design: Directional Fixing Spray

Contorsion Fix: Extra strong hold gel with flexible resistance.

Anchor 11 Home Sculpting and Styling Range Clay

L’Oreal Professionnel A.Head Clay is a revolutionary moulding paste that has a wax and kaolin formula and creates a distinct matte look. Offers a non-greasy, dirty effect that heightens the body and texture of the style Web

Think of a spider’s web – weightless but ultra strong! Here is the hair styling version – L’Oréal Professional A-Head Web. This lightweight sculpting paste will give your hair maximum power and hold. This versatile product from L’Oréal Professionnel will give your hair a tousled look with great structure without leaving your hair clogged up and heavy. Spiral Splendour

Designed to nourish and define your curls, L’Oréal Professionnel Spiral Splendour is an apple fragranced cream that will leave your ringlets defrizzed and super soft.Containing coconut oil and wheat proteins this light hold cream will create a smooth, supple finish with anti frizz protection. Use L’Oréal Professionnel Spiral Splendour to perfectly define beautiful curls to make them light and bouncy. Supreme Smooth

L’Oreal Professionnel Hairmix Supreme Smooth protects hair from heat damage, leaving it smooth and shiny. It features ceramides to strengthen the hair, moisturising ingredients to smooth the hair cuticles as well as anti-frizz action. Use after shampooing and before blow-drying.

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Playball Home Styling Range

Pearl Whip (light pink lid)

Create a glamourus look with this light,whipped cream for subtle definition with a lush, voluptous finish.


Density Material (green lid)

Texturising wax-paste for body, dramaticdefinition and powerful hold with a matt finish.


Deviation Paste (blue lid)

Matt definition paste to create deconstructedseparation and definition.


Motion Gelee (dark pink lid)

Delicious whipped gelee to accentuatemovement and supple texture to add bursts of shine to your style.

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